About Pixis

PIXIS offers a creative solution to your project. All creations are executed with precision and love. PIXIS takes pride in its work and client's satisfaction is the greatest value. Choose PIXIS for your projects regarding UI/UX design, web/app design and coding, promo materials, brochures, packages, billboards, roll-ups, posters, logos, product design and more. PIXIS will be happy to deliver you services and products you will enjoy for a long time to come.

  • Steve Franko, phd.

    founder & owner

    I am running my own PIXIS agency. Founder, driving force, lover of design, nature & music.
    Perfectionist, only satisfied with perfect results of graphics works.


PIXIS' services range from UI/UX design, web/app design, promo materials, brochures, packages, billboards, roll-ups, posters, logos to product design and much more. Just check out all of the services listed below to get a general idea of what PIXIS is capable of delivering. And make sure to see the Projects for proof of the uniqueness.


Please have a look on some of the finished projects for biggest PIXIS' clients. I will be adding showcase of recently finished projects continuously. There will be also an addition of older project to this online portfolio soon. Please enjoy. PIXIS will be happy to help you with your projects and graphic works.

This is just a brief showcase.

Work For

  • “Wonderful work for Terry Oldfield & Soraya on album covers. Concert in Slovakia. Posters & banners.”

    Since 2016
  • “Logo proposals for Luke Oldfield's Tilehouse Studios.”

  • “Working with ANTIK Telecom & Technology on IPTV, SAT TV and mobile applications' UX/UI together with creating web designs, printed material, product design, products' packagings and video presentations.”

    Since 2014
  • “Visual of jobs offer page at Profesia.sk for LEAR Corporation.”

  • “CDF s.r.o. - Chateau d'Ax. Creation of website, billboards, depliants, vouchers, posters, stickers, logos and promotional folders. Mainly printed stuff.”

    2013 - 2014
  • “Datakon s.r.o. Company full-colour brochure, entrance door graphics, logo proposals, wall timeline proposal. Printing outputs.”

    2016 - 2017
  • “EUCOS s.r.o. - industrial constructions. Creation of corporate logo and design manual. Application of the logo on overalls and company's cars.”

  • “BRAMAR s.r.o. - Creation of logo and design manual. Creation of website and designing layout for shooter's club.”

    2012 - 2013
  • “Globe Production - Creation of website and various printed material for the company. Creation of identity for Simon Anholt's Conference incl. logo, invitations, labels, website."

  • “4P&P - Creation of various printed material for company's clients, icnl. Procter & Gamble, Nokia and more. Extending company's branding."

  • “Frank Collection - Creation of website, customer's card visual and promotional sale posters."

  • “iBoo Solution - Creation of Napapat.sk & fajnyobed.sk website design, UI of fajnyobed.sk iOS App."

    2015 - 2016
  • “ROGI Plus s.r.o. - Creation and modification of rogiplus.sk & tem-sk.sk websites."

  • “Lajka Solutions - Webdesign proposal of the AZZZ.sk website."

  • “Website design for WP platform and creation of club card for the shooters' club."

  • “Various projects and clients incl. SACR, astropresov.sk, senirolyda.sk, siladotyku.sk, kindergarten - websites, printed materials, stickers and more."